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Pasture Raised Turkey

We raise Bronze turkeys, so they don't exactly look like the big white ones you may be expecting! 

These guys grow a little bit slower than traditional birds, but have extremely high quality meat that is sure to impress on those special occasion meals!

Our birds are raised on pasture as soon as they are old enough to go outside. They love to perch and roam on the grass in search of bugs.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What are the turkeys fed?

    As chicks, we start with specific feed with all the nutrients to start their lives off right.  Little chicks eat more than you think!

    Once they move to pasture, we provide a specific turkey feed which helps them develop and mature.

    As they are on pasture, they also eat (and prefer!) whatever goodies they find - worms, grasshoppers, flies, maggots, etc. We also throw in fruit which they like to pick at - especially apples.

    Q: Where do the turkeys live?

    Our turkeys live on pasture, where we move them to fresh grass where they pick bugs, grass, and whatever else they may find.

    They go into a mobile shelter at night to keep them safe from predators.

    Q: Why do the turkeys look different?

    We raise bronze turkeys which is a premium broad-breasted turkey with excellent conformation, high meat quality, natural fat layering, and they look cool!

    The turkeys take about 15 weeks to reach maturity, which is slower than "butterball" white turkeys but is definitely worth the wait.

    Give these premium turkeys a try for your next family meal

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