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Pastured Pork

Our heritage breed pigs spend their whole lives out on pasture where they roll in the mud, bask in the sun, and root in the ground. 

Our pigs get lots of daily exercise and room to roam, which makes for a more flavourful pork with beautiful pink meat. 

We raise piggies that will make you smile!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are they fed?

Our heritage pigs grow slower than traditonal pink pigs, but we find they have richer flavour so it is well worth the wait.


Pigs are omnivores, so we feed them mostly a mix of pig feed, which is a combination of protein and grains.


We also give them a lot of pumpkins (we have a pumpkin farm friend!). What's great is that pumpkin is a natural de-wormer for pigs! They love pumpkins so they are happy to eat as many as we can give them.

They also get a healthy dose of garden scraps and whatever they happen to root up!

Despite the stereotype, we find our pigs to be picky! For example, we have found they do not like citrus!

Q: Where do you keep them?

Our pigs live outside on pasture year round. Even in the dead of winter, these pigs are built to handle it. We load up their house with straw and they snuggle in for the night.

Pigs are extremely smart (1. Humans, 2. Chimps, 3. Pigs...) and curious. We rotate them through different pastures to keep entertained. 

They are kept in pasture with electric wire. We train the pigs from a young age with electric wire, and when they are older they know not to touch it. It's amazing how they learn to not even test the wire, even though they could easily bust through the fence.

Q: Why do the pigs have hair and spots - aren't they supposed to be pink?

We raise a mix of heritage breed pigs - red waddle, berkshire, tamworth, large black, etc. These pigs thrive on pasture, with the hair protecting them from the sun in the summer and the cold in the winter.

There will be an evolutionary reason for the spots, but as they've been domesticated it's probably less relevant now. So it is just to be cute, I guess?

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