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  • Can I purchase online?
    Hey, thanks for wanting to purchase! You can book your order online and pay cash on pick up or etransfer to You can also pay right online with credit card, or apple pay however the processor takes a % so we extra appreciate cash or etransfer :)
  • How do I pay?
    We accept online payment, e-transfer ( or cash! We will contact you to arrange once the order has been booked.
  • How do I receive my order of delicious food?
    We won't leave you drooling for too long - once the order is booked, we will contact you to arrange a pickup / delivery. We regularly are headed each direction (north to Owen Sound, West to Goderich, South to London, and East to Toronto) so we can always find a way.
  • Where do you keep the animals?
    We keep our animals outside as much as possible. No tricks with "free-range" or any of the other buzz words that are being used by large producers. Our animals are given us much freedom as possible, and we make every decision around giving them a great life. We've got nothing to hide - check out our instagram / facebook to see! Our pigs stay outside year round. Their long hair helps keep them warm in the winter, and we fill their hut with straw. Our meat birds are in a "cackellac" shelter, which we can move to fresh grass (by hand!) each day. We keep 100 birds at a time here. We only have them during the warm months of the year. Our layers stay in a mobile coop, which we close up at night to protect them from predators - but by day, they are out foraging and hanging out in the pasture. In the winter they stay in the warm barn.
  • What animals do you raise?
    We raise pigs, chickens (for eggs), chickens (for meat), cows, turkeys, and ducks. We also have cats and a dog for pest control and enjoyment! Somewhat related is we have planted an orchard and perennial garden, and have our seasonal garden as well. We really like having things to do. On our "some day" list is to raise sheep and emus!
  • Are you organic?
    We are not certified organic. Why? Because it is expensive to certify and we aren't at that level. We are environmentalists and do take care to minimize our impact, and consider how we can improve every day!
  • How are the animals processed?
    As part of government regulation, all the meat we sell to the public is done so at a government inspected facility. We take all our animals to local abattoirs to kill and cut. We do everything we can to make sure this causes as little stress as possible. We honestly do not like these days, but it is obviously a necessary part of farming.
  • Why is it The Middle Farm?
    Because we are right in the middle of the two family-owned farms! We have 50 acres of pasture, cash crop, and forest. Hard to go wrong if you go down the middle! (except when driving)
  • Which animals are your favourite?
    Adam is most fond of "Whitey", an original middle farm chicken who has long ago stopped laying eggs and now just eats bugs and snuggles. And also "Rooster Ronny", whom we hatched and is an easter-egger rooster overseeing our egg production hens - he is a big sweetie. Callee likes "Flo", who is 1 of 2 OCs (Original Chickens) from back in the days before our farm when we lived in town and "illegally" had chickens. We just bribed our neighbours with eggs!
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