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Grass Fed Beef

Beef fresh from the farm is hard to beat. These cows spend their days grazing the pasture and soaking up the sun. It's a simple life, but they love it!

100% beef with no growth hormones. When cooked, our beef doesn't shrink - it keeps it's volume and maintains the delicious flavour. So yummy.

We raise grass fed beef that gets you mooving!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are cows bad for the environment?

This idea has received a lot of attention in recent years. Here is our idea:

We (and other farms with regenerative practices) believe cows can actually help the environment!

Cows are large herbivores that can consume a lot of mature grass on pasture. They convert this grass into manure, which replenishes the pasture with super healthy top soil. As this top soil accumulates the grasses get stronger. 

With healthy grass, the pasture can sequester carbon from the atmosphere! So we can actually lower carbon dioxide levels by holding it in the roots of the grass! 

There is lots to learn about this if you are interested :)

Q: Where do you keep them?

The cows stay outside on pasture.


They do have access to come inside the barn when it's miserable, as well as some wind guards for windy days and trees to lay under on the warm days.

Interesting note: they don't mind the cold, it's just if it's cold and windy that they are uncomfortable. On a still night they will sleep out in the field and you see them wake up completely covered in snow! 

Q: What breeds do we raise?

The cows are a mix of a lot of different breeds - black angus, hereford, charolais, etc. We aren't picky. They each have their benefits, and we love the diversity.

They all have mild temperament, just to make it safe for handling

There is a bull who hangs out with his ladies. And yearly there are some cute calves that join the herd!

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