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Meet Us at the Middle

We take great pride in raising happy animals. Our animals are pastured raised, giving them lots of sun exposure and access to grass. We feel happy and healthy animals make healthy food. All Our food is nutrient dense, and the taste is unparalleled!




Meet us in the middle

Nestled between the family farms, we are happy in the middle!

At The Middle Farm we raise free range chicken, grass fed beef, pasture raised pork, and farm fresh eggs. Our animals are pasture raised, giving them lots of sun exposure and access to grass.


We feel happy and healthy animals make healthy food. All the food from our farm is nutrient dense, and the taste is unparalleled!

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Our Regenerative Farm Plan

Our plan is to work with mother nature, utilizing animals and plants to increase soil health and sequester carbon. We do this by moving our animals to new pasture on scheduled plans, never leaving them long enough to take the plants life down too low.


Stage 2: Spread the Nutrients

Small omnivores (chicken, and other poultry) pick at the smaller grass, and scratch at the manure left by the large herbivores. Their scratching helps them find little bugs to eat and also spreads the manure out helping to spread the nourishment all over the pasture area.


spread the love!


magic manure :)

Stage 1: Maneuver the Manure

Large herbivores (cows and horses) go out to pasture. They eat large plants and leaving their magical manure behind as natures fertilizer.


take a break!

Stage 3: Rest and Relaxation

Once the animals have passed through, we give lots of time for the grasses to grow back and flourish. Then start the process over again! The grass feeds on all the added nutrients from the animals, growing back stronger and healthier. 

We want you to be up close and personal with us

Follow along with us on instagram and facebook and see daily where your food comes from. Go inside the pig house, see the chickens basking in the sun, see the cows grazing. And laugh along with us at the funny things they all do. We have a lot of fun!

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More about The Middle Farm

So you really want to get to know the farmers? Here you go!

Hi! It's Callee and Adam here! So why is it called The Middle Farm? Our farm is right in the middle of 2 farms owned by Callee's family; Callee grew up just the next farm over!

Our eventual farm came up for sale in 2020, and we jumped on the opportunity to make our dreams come true! It was the perfect location as Callee's parents are right next door to give us a hand, Adam's parents are just on the other side of town, and we are only 5 minutes outside of Mount Forest (where we have our "normal" jobs!). We officially started August 2020.

Our goal is to become a truly regenerative farm, where our farming practices enhances our soil and ecosystem. There is lots of literature online if you are interested, but the gist is we use the features and characteristics of animals to work with nature and improve the soil. You can also watch "The Biggest Little Farm" on Netflix, basically that's our dream. It will be a long journey, and we appreciate your support!

We raise a variety of animals, and our passion is to provide the best life for them. We feel this creates the most delicious and nutritious food. As with anything there are ups and downs, but we try to have fun with what we do. 

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